MultiWAN not working!

  • Hello,

    in a client I have set an PC Engines APU.1D4 with pfsense 2.3.3. The client has two VDSL lines, 50 mbps each. I have created the LB group and set the 2 WANs with equal weight. I have changed the default LAN rule to use the LB group. I have created another group for failover, created IP aliases and set the aliases to go out using the FO group (for some sites that dont like WAN change). This rule is above the main LAN rule.

    The issue is, that all the other clients that use the LB group, should get a speed around 90 mpbs (at least in speedtest sites, which are the ones that all clients are using to prove multiWAN speeds). We got around 30-35, never more.

    The client disconnected pfsense and put back his old TP-Link load balancer, which got the 93 mbps download speed and around 10 upload speed, which is what we need to achieve with pfsense.

    What should I check?

    Best regards


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