SG-2220 limited to 20Mb down on DHCP WAN

  • Hi,
    I have a SG-2220 I'm having an issue with.  I only get 20Mb down & 2.8Mb up when using DHCP on WAN using AT&T's method for a static IP.
    Systems info:
    SG-2220 Pfsense 2.3.4-RELEASE (amd64)
    ISP router AT&T 5268ACFXN  1GB service

    AT&T Router logic:
      This router can be connected in two ways:
    DHCP/Dynamic - Router assigns a dynamic IP to a device connected to it.  The internet IP is the IP assigned to the router (DHCP/Dynamic IPs are NAT'd)
    DHCP/Static - Router assigns a static IP to a device attached to it.  As best I can tell, this is a DHCP reservation from a IP group that the ISP treats as a static on their network.  The assigned IP is the IP that appears on the internet (no NAT).
    Troubleshooting done:
    Using a Win 7 PC I connected (direct to AT&T Router) using DHCP/Static.  The assigned IP shows properly on the internet and speed is 950Mb down 970Mb up (
    Connect the SG-2220 using the DHCP/Dynamic.  Speeds are similar and the assigned IP is NAT'd.
    Connect the SG-2220 using DHCP/Static.  The assigned IP shows properly (no NAT) and speed is 20Mb down 2.3Mb up (
      - tried rebooting SG-2220, AT&T router, going back to old settings, etc.  None of these had any effect.

    SG-2220 shows the WAN connection as 1Gb on the Dashboard for both scenarios.
    AT&T router shows 1Gb for both scenarios.

    Thoughts on how I can resolve this?

  • Updates  the flash from to to no effect.

  • I've moved to Dynamic DNS.  Tried both types of connections on the AT&T router and now neither works past 20Mb down  :(

  • Turns out I had traffic shaping on and it was limiting the interface.  As I now have 1GB I really don't need to shape. ;)

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