Traffic Graph Maxing out at 30M

  • Is anyone else having an issue with the traffic graph maxing out at 30M? I have a 200/15 cable connection and running a speedtest shows me the results I'm expecting bandwidth-wise but PFsense hits a ceiling at this number for some reason. Haven't been able to find any options for adjusting min/maxes if they exist but if i'm just blind can someone point me in the right direction? Screenshot attached:

  • The Traffic Graph shows MBytes/s not Mbits/s.  I don't think there is a way to change that.

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    You can switch from bits to bytes.

    As already mentioned your connection is 200Mbps or 25MBps.

  • Thanks, pfBasic.  Only seems to be available on the dashboard widget though.

    My "up to 100Mb/s" cable connection very often gives me ~15MB/s.  So 30MB/s for 200 Mb/s sounds about right.

  • Thanks for answering my dumb question all!

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