PFSense 2.3.4 PPOE Auth - Manual IP settings

  • I'm using PFSense 2.3.4-RELEASE on a Netgate S2440.

    I'm connecting to my ISP via PPOE which works fine, the problem is that using PPOE the WAN interface takes a static IP from my ISP with a /32 subnet mask, my ISP has told me to set a static IP address on the router with a /29 address to allow me to use other public addresses within my range.

    If I set the connection type of the WAN interface to PPOE the option to set IP details goes away, if I set the IP details to "static IPV4" the PPOE username/password dialog dissapears and I can't authenticate with my ISP.

    How can I input manual ip details for the WAN interface while still using PPOE.


  • Not possible in GUI. Check this thread it you are comfortable with editing mpd5_wan.conf.

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