Dynamic DNS and DNS Resolver

  • Hi there

    Just trying to setup DNS resolver for a dyanmic DNS name.  WHen the clients are offsite they access a machine on the internal network via xxxxxxx.dyndns.com however when they are on the internal lan they cant connect to this machine using that domain name, they can only connect using the internal IP/Hostname.  I just cant seem to get the DNS Resolver to work so that if they use their device internally it will hit the pfsense box and shoot it straight back to the internal machine.

    On the DNS Resolver config  I have :-
    Host ->      ComputerName
    Domain ->  xxxxxxx.dyndns.com
    IP ->

    That didnt work.  I do a ping internally and it resolves to our ADSL IP.

    however i realised that i might need to do a domain override so i tried :-
    Domain ->    xxxxxxx.dyndns.com
    IP ->  

    the same problem occurs.

    I thought the DNS resolver was supposed to redirect external requests to their internal counterparts.  I am clearly missing something here and i really need some advice from someone a lot smarter than I.


  • NM

    I realise what i was doing wrong.  it should have been

    Host ->      xxxxxxxxxx
    Domain -> dyndns.com
    IP ->

    all working!

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