Wrong IP on WAN trough DHCP after reboot

  • Hi all,

    We have a strange problem regarding getting the correct IP on the WAN after a reboot.

    ISP (Fiber) - PFsense. The PFsense gets the WAN IP directly from our ISP.
    We have multiple virtual IP configured.

    Now we have multiple external IP's and our ISP is certain that only one IP is in that DHCP pool.
    With our ISP we can not use a static IP.
    Yet after a reboot we sometimes get a virtual IP on the WAN.
    After a quick release / renew on the WAN everything is back to normal.
    We have upgraded to the latest version (2.3.4) but the problem still remains.

    It feels like that DHCP server is not responding fast enough so PFsense decides to use the virtual IP.

    Can you please help us out?

    Kind regards,

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