Autoupdater broken?

  • Hi

    I'm running on one of saturdays snapshots and it appears the autoupdater is broken (or i'm doing somthing horribly wrong).

    When i push the "update" for the 1.3-branch, it almost immideately goes to "Downloading update" or what it says and then on next pagereload, shows the downloading status at 0% or 1% and a few 100kb downloaden. It always hangs here and i have to reload the webconfigurator from console.

    Manual update works tho.

    Anyone else experienceing this problem?

    I'm tried putting the gw behind another router to no awail.

    DNS etc works as i can use it for gateway and lan-clients.


  • Thats a bit odd,
    I have not had any problems with the auto updater yet. I just updated using it last night on the 1.3 branch.


  • The internet pipe is a bit clogged every now and then.

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