Static Port Setup Ps4

  • Hello All

    I'm relatively new to pfsense and have just hit one small snag with my setup a game i was playing was showing strict NAT, so i setup a static port rule for my ps4 and followed the documentation in the link below

    As well as added ACL entries in the screenshot attached, the documentation did solve my strict nat issue but upon re reading the rule i noticed the source ip changed from to, which made me concerned about security, would this be leaving that entire network range vulnerable or would it just be pointed at my ps4's ip which is, its the only address on my network i need this kind of setup for. i did try port forwarding first but that was unsuccessful, upnp and static port seems to be the way to go.

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  • I believe i resolved the issue:

    Navigate to Firewall > NAT on the Outbound tab
    Select Hybrid Outbound NAT rule generation.
    (Automatic Outbound NAT + rules below)
    Click Save
    Copied the rule at the bottom of the page labeled "Auto created rule for LAN".
    Edited the rule so it only covers the source IP of the device that needs static port, example /32
    Check Static Port box on that page
    Click Save
    Move the rule to the top of the list
    Click Apply Changes
    Rebooted ps4


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