Offline Package Management?

  • So it looks like it's been a few years since this was last asked, so I was wondering if there was a more up to date answer.

    What's the best way to install packages to pfsense instances that do not have internet connectivity?

    Preferably I'd like to avoid mirroring the entire repo since I only need a handful (open vm tools being the biggest).

    Also, when I look at the documentation for creating your own repo it's for 2.2 and before.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't anyone good procedure at the moment.

    You can do something like this, though. From a system with connectivity:

    pkg fetch -dy pfSense-pkg-<name of package></name>

    That will put the files it needs into /var/cache/pkg/

    You can then copy the contents of /var/cache/pkg/* to the target system(s) and use pkg install pfSense-pkg-<name of package> from there.

    If it all went correctly, that should be able to use the files locally without external connectivity. But YMMV.

  • pkg install pfsense-pkg-<name of="" package=""></name> 

    The command above did not work for me. Or if i misunderstood what to replace the <> part with.

    I ended up using this instead for haproxy v0.59_9 on v2.4.3:

    pkg add /var/cache/pkg/pfSense-pkg-haproxy-0.59_9.txz

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The forum conversion apparently mangled the syntax above. In this case, you'd just put haproxy there, so pkg install pfsense-pkg-haproxy. But pkg add works for local files as well.

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