Lua error in installer with latest snapshot

  • Trying to install to a HD with a pfSense-20081027-1536 ISO.

    Get a question after partitioning and such, "Would you like to set up a GEOM mirror?"

    Answer, "No, thanks", and get (was writing error by hand and didn't copy the full paths):

    An internal Lua error error occurred while trying to run the script /long/path/main.lua

    /long/path/flow.lua:278: Step object 'table:0x282adfe0" does not exist in this Flow.

    EDIT Also happens with 20081027-0008 snap.

  • Update:

    This only happens when I have a USB thumb drive plugged in. It looks like it sees a second storage device and asks if I want to do GEOM. So the workaround is to boot without the USB stick.

  • I can confirm this.  It only happens with two drives plugged in…

  • Also happens with 20081026. Maybe goes back a ways? I just hadn't booted the installer with a USB stick plugged in before…

  • Fixed.  please try next snapshot

  • Rock on.

    Next time I'm doing an install I'll be sure to try it with the USB stick connected.

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