Configure pfsense to authenticate with IPA

  • Hello everyone!

    For several days I've been trying to configure pfsense so that users of our IPA can authenticate through ssh.
    I was guiding myself through this link:


    But I have not been able to configure it properly and I have also had problems installing the packages.
    Your suggestions can help me a lot.

    Thank you

  • I find the use case of having "users" logging on to the firewall using the CLI very wierd. A few admins, sure, but users - no. Check your use case first.

  • Hello, thanks for the answer. Sorry I do not express myself well.
    When I refer users it is actually a group of admins.
    At this moments i have 6 firewalls and managing this group manually would be cumbersome.

  • OK, it seems like getting what you want requires some "hacking" and additional stuff installed. While this can be great stuff and huge success when finally getting it to work, keeping the systems updated and patched (and patchable!) with these hacks will most likely be a pain in the ass in the long run. The extra hour spent on "manual identity management" (which you can document thoroughly by spending another hour on it) may well be worth it in the end.

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