[HOWTO] Automatically switch default gateway

  • Hi guys,

    As we know we can choose one default gateway from these gateways that pfSense has. However, is there anyway to automatically to switch the default gateway to another one if the current default gateway goes down?

    Thank you!

  • Make a gateway group with desired tiers and fail over. Use policy routing to route traffic through that gateway group.

  • Rebel Alliance

    System –>  Advanced -->  Miscellaneous  --> "Default gateway switching" (Enable default gateway switching)  ;)

  • is it possible to change default gateway from command shell ?

    the problem is:
    i have two different internet connections and i have to use Squid proxy.
    When i activate squid, it uses only default gateway.

    and i have to change active internet connection to other gateway at 7pm

    if there is an option to change default gw from command shell, i just add the command to cron and l'll solve the problem.

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