Hard Drive Noise

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    I have a Western Digital Drive 250 GB (10K) installed in the Pfsense system. It passes the  smart drive test but makes a strange squeaking sound even when the system has minimal load. Must be the drive. Also hear a low muffled grinding sound at times. Any one ever had this issue?

  • Could be a fan, but if it really is your HD, best get a new one soon. Once they start making noise, you typically haven't much time. There's a good chance a SMART test would not pick up on issues with the bearings going out. I've had HDs that made a horrible clicking noise when trying to re-read a block, only to return that it's fine because it was able to "recover" from the issue. Died shortly after.

  • Try to activate RAMdisk and see what happens.

  • Thanks for the feedback on the hard drive. I have just ordered a new drive. It seems many of the items that are shipped as new really have issues. I am just striving for reliability!

    Best to All


  • Just an FYI for the future. A S.M.A.R.T test is just that. A Quick Smart scan of the hard drive. It checks general and most known hard drive failure causes. But not all of them.

    If you suspect a hard drive of issues, it's always best to remove it from whatever unit it is in and perform a full diag using tools that can perform deep scans for issues. This will tell you for sure if it is the hard drive are not.

    I've had Smart tests pass where deep scans will show corruptions in the disk.

    There are tons of free tools that can do the job. I personally use LifeGuard by Western Digital.

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