Cant ping my other subnet

  • Hi im new to pfsense,

    i setup a vlan

    lan = 10.10.x.x
    vlan200 = 10.30.x.x

    My problem is i can ping from 10.10.x.x to 10.30.x.x but i cant ping from 10.30.x.x to 10.10.x.x. What could be the problem.

    My firewall rule is this…

    lan = IPv4*  *  *  *  none
    vlan200(room3) = IPv4*  *  *  *  none

    please help. Thanks!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your firewall rule on our vlan200 interface is that?  Or that is the rules you put on your lan interface?

    When you create a new interface be it physical opt or vlan on another physical interface there will be no firewall rules.  So you would have to create the rules to allow the traffic you want on the interface you created.

    Rules are evaluated on the interface where the traffic first enters pfsense, first rule to trigger wins, no other rules are evaluated.

    So post up your lan rules and your vlan200 rules.

    Also do you have any firewall running on your device?  You have to make sure you allow the traffic on any software firewalls you might be running on devices from the remote network your coming from.

  • thank for your reply sir…

    my vlan200 is a new interface

    this is my lan rule
    IPv4*  *  *  *  none

    this is my vla200 rule
    IPv4*  *  *  *  none

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