Issue with Multi WAN static routing

  • Hi Guys,
    I've noticed a issue with the multi WAN and routing,
    Whenever we configure a Multi WAN the static routing between the Subnets drops no matter what firewall rules I configured.
    when I try to add a static route its keeps erroring out

    I have tried the OPNSENSE and its works fine with static Routing with Multi WAN.
    We want to keep using Pfsense and hopefully someone can help get this fixed.

    Whenever we configure the Multi WAN ( Load balancing ) the ping/rdp/ between two LANS stops working.

    Please advise how to get this fixed.

  • Post a network map, so we can get a better visual of your topology.

    If you're adding a 2nd WAN interface, it shouldn't be conflicting with any LAN interfaces…. unless you're using public IP's on your LAN (which you shouldn't be) and they truly do conflict.... do they?

    Also, be sure to add an upstream gateway on the 2nd WAN interface or PFsense will consider it a LAN interface.

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