Cannot send email - Outlook behind pfsense

  • Hi all,

    We recently replace our very slow adsl modem/router for a faster internet by satelite connection.

    The satelite people (skydsl) only supply a modem. So we are using pfsense as a default gateway and router but a windows 2008 DHCP/DNS server
    We have LAN interface set as gateway . Attach to that lan port, we have a HP switch which redistribute the internet to our 10 office computers.

    On the LAN:

    • all desktop has internet access and correct ip/gateway info
    • Using windows remote desktop connection on the lan, we can access all computers and we can do maintenance
    • I can ping DHCP/DNS server
    • I can receive email on outlook

    The problem is that we are unable to send email from the office.
    If I plug the original router back, then the email problem goes away..
    We tried the suggestion from this link but didn't solve our problem

    Could anyone please help us?
    We are on pfSense 2.3.4-RELEASE

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