Cannot console VM: Assigning interfaces and setting interface in advance

  • Hello! I really hope I'm not asking a too trivial question.

    So my plan is the following - install pfSense in Hyper-V, export .vhd file, upload it to Azure, start in Azure.

    I'm using DHCP to get the WAN IPv4 IP

    However, as soon as I start the VM in Azure pfSense sees the interface mismatch and then tries to reconfigure its interfaces. Azure, unfortunately, doesn't allow you to console the VMs, it only provides boot diagnostics that show me that the VM is expecting a response that is impossible to receive.

    So, I'll need to reupload the image and then:

    somehow prevent pfSense from going into that interactive mode when it boots in Azure and to reconfigure itself to use the new interface with DHCP

    Can someone provide a pointer for doing this?

    Best regards!

  • I am not familiar with the detail of running in Azure. But the principle is just that you need the physical interfaces names in config.xml to match up with those on the system (virtual or real hardware) that it ends up running on.

    So after getting things ready locally, edit config.xml and find the section where the WAN/LAN etc interface have their definition and change the "em0"… to "hn0"... that it looks like Azure has. If there are VLANs... then leave the VLAN bits of the device names as-is.

  • Thank you!

    Somehow I assumed that getting it to run in a VM means that the changes were saved in the config.xml file. Loading it with vi and saving it made it work for me, even hn0 was already filled in.

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