Some services not starting on reboot / other problems

  • I recently restored my firewall to a backup config after a fresh install of pfsense (same version). Now, when I reboot my firewall, the following services do not start automatically anymore: c-icap, clamd, DNSBL, LCDProc, NUT, Squid, SquidGuard, & Suricata. When I go into pfBlocker to force update my feeds, I get the following error: "Running Force Update Task - Sync terminated during boot process. UPDATE PROCESS ENDED." Lastly, the GUI displays the message: "pfSense is booting, then packages will be reinstalled in the background. Do not make changes in the GUI until this is complete." This displays forever. until I do the following:

    I read somewhere about deleting the /var/run/booting file. I did this, and the message in the GUI goes away, I am able to start the services listed above, as well as update my pfBlocker feeds. If I reboot, the same problem happens all over again. I feel like these problems are all related somehow, as they all popped up at the same time. I don't see anything in the system logs that is amiss. When I boot the firewall and connect my laptop via the console port, the boot process gets stuck after "Configuring Firewall… Done" until the /var/run/booting file is removed, then it continues booting normally.


  • @sparkynerd:


    Yes !
    Re install - and do NOT restore your backup config.xml.
    Establish a working WAN connection.
    Install all needed packages - no need to setup.
    When all are installed, restore your config.xml and reboot.

    This will not show you what happened, but assure a that everything will work again.

  • Thanks for the info! I will try this first thing tomorrow-

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