Installed PFSense now with the LAN issues

  • Ive installed PFsense on a Firebox x550e, i upgraded to a 2ghz processor and a 1gb of memory with a 4gb memory card and all went well. i can boot pf sense and the lcd is working as it should be after adding in the package.

    i connected a cable from the lan port on my router to the wan port of the Firebox
    i can access PFsense from my laptop on lan port 1 on the firebox.

    the issue i have is that i have a 24 port gigabit switch and a ubuntu 1u server with plex and i cant access any of these.

    i put the 1u ubuntu server to the switch with the mgmt lan so two lans from the server to the switch and then the switch to the lan port 1 on the firewall.

    my issues is that from lan 1 to the switch the firewall doesnt see anything, i cant access ubuntu or plex for my media and even tried port forwarding.

    im at a loss after two days of messing about

    id like everything on my switch accessable as i will be connecting 4 security cameras and a couple more 1u servers in the next month

    any help would be appriciated

  • Netgate Administrator

    How have you connected the switch to pfSense? Via a different internal port? Is that port configured?

    Where are you trying to access the server from? What path does traffic take to reach it? Do you have firewall rules to allow that?

    A simple diagram may help a lot here.


  • I connected the switch to lan port 1 on the firebox x550e.

    So from start to finish my router is wired to port 0 (wan port) then port 1 goes to the switch  and the switch goes to the poweredge 1u server running plex server.

    I presume it's going to be a missing rule or something as I remove the firewall it all works with the firewall it doesn't

  • Netgate Administrator

    The key part there is where is the device connected that cannot reach the plex server.

    If it's connected to the switch then that's in the same subnet as the plex server so traffic doesn't go through the firewall at all.

    If it's connected to a different port on the x550e then you need firewall rules to access between the internal ports.

    If it's connected to the router then you would need port forwards setup in pfSense to reach the server behind it.


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