Topology Question - Long term frustration

  • I have a block of 5 Static IP's from my provider.  I know they all work, because I can set my router as any one of them, and everything works.  No need to set or request any MAC address registration, etc.

    I have the SG-2220 with one port in, and one port out.  I want 1 ip to pass through to my router, and 4 ip's to go to a switch, where they will connect to 4 out-facing computers.

    I want to use the SG-2220 as a hardware firewall, and traffic monitor.  I've configured 4 virtual IP's.  They probably work, but I've been unable to figure out how to get the router to work in series with the SG-2220.

    Seems like I need a switch on the in-facing SG-2220 port, and connect the router and 4 computers to that switch.  The router does not seem to be very happy with that.

    I've been playing with this config on and off for 2 years, and have no satisfying solution.

    Would love some ideas!


    Mr. Patient

  • Would creating a DMZ and doing a 1:1 NAT be a better idea.

  • Thanks for the reply.  My question is more topology related.  Following your lead (which I have been trying similar strategies, and I believe is correct):  So, I would connect the pfSense wan port directly to my ISP provider connection (not a modem, just an ethernet port).  The LAN port of pfSense I would have to connect to a switch, so that I could break out 4 of the ips for outfacing computers, and plug the wan port of the router (for internet on my other computers) into the switch also.

    I've tried that with a layer-2 switch, with less than satisfactory results.  I've ordered a layer-3 switch to try that.

    The other thing I've been trying is a switch right off the ISP (as a DMZ switch), and then plug both the router and pfSense into the DMZ switch.  That doesn't work either, though this also might work with the layer-3 switch.

    Please keep the ideas coming!  Thanks!

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