Squid proxy , VPN Gateways and routing issue

  • Please can someone help me work out why i am getting this issue

    I have my normal internet connection named WANFTTC
    Then  i have I have 3 VPN connections going over this WAN gateway.

    I have firewall rules to force traffic down these.
    1 VPN for general day to day traffic - in NordVPN GatewayGroup
    1 VPN failover for the above - In NordVPN Gateway Group
    1 VPN for torrent specific stuff - has own Gateway Group

    Everything works perfectly….. that is until i enable squid proxy.

    When i enabled squid proxy all traffic seems to go over my normal internet connection, this is not what i want to happen, it should go over my NordVPN gateway connection like normal.

    Here is my LAN fire wall rules

    Anti Lockout Rule

    Torrent Traffic --> TORRENT_GATEWAY
    Selective Traffic (think not over VPN e.g PS4) --> WAN
    All Other Traffic --> NordVPN GATEWAY
    Default allow any LAN

    Why when enabling SQUID does it seem to ignore all of the above and just go out via the WAN, what am i missing?

    As soon as i disable squid proxy it all goes back to working as normal.
    ![2017-05-27 20_04_29-pfSense.home.gateway - Firewall_ Rules_ LAN.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/2017-05-27 20_04_29-pfSense.home.gateway - Firewall_ Rules_ LAN.png)
    ![2017-05-27 20_04_29-pfSense.home.gateway - Firewall_ Rules_ LAN.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/2017-05-27 20_04_29-pfSense.home.gateway - Firewall_ Rules_ LAN.png_thumb)

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