Sub-domains or other hosts… fourth-level hostnames

  • I have a pFSense box configured with dyndns; so I have It works fine to access, all ports forward correctly.

    Is it possible to have point to another server I have on the network?

    Example; I have 2 internal servers that have both SSH and HTTP servers. And, on the account that pFSense has an https connection, it would be easier to choose for server A, and for server B… etc. etc.

    Of course, I could do all this through port forwarding, and assign different ports to different servers... But that is sloppy.

    I'm currently working on trying to get an Ubuntu server box as a subdomain...

    the hostname apparently is, and hostname fqdn is

    I dunno, I'm somewhat stuck. And because I don't know what exactly to call this issue, I can't find much information on Google about it.



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