USB 3.0 NIC vs Expresscard NIC experiences and some thoughts

  • Just for reference.

    I know we should always avoid USB NICs.
    But for my case, I've just tried Expresscard NIC.
    Result is surprising.
    I've being using USB 3.0 NIC for years, nothing wrong even with full bandwidth on legit use (no abuse). Around 7.2Mbps WAN <-> LAN. Or Inter-LAN traffic around 80Mbps.
    Only time when it failed is when I DDoS the pfsense when the USB 3.0 NIC is using as LAN interface. The Interface just went down, reboot is required.
    Currently it's running as WAN interface, behind ADSL.

    When I tried Expresscard, it was unstable, high latency, can't reach maximum bandwidth etc.

    So, I guess although USB NICs are not recommended, but in some cases it can be handy and probably even have the potential to surpass expresscard.

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