Is it possible to install pfsense on fortiwifi60b

  • Hello
    I got from a friend fortinet forti wifi60b
    New That was never used
    The device has a pcmcia slot
    I know there are adapters from pcmcia to compact flash
    Is it possible to connect a memory card in this slot
    And install on it pfsense ?

  • Interesting, found out this is FWF 60B | 256MB | 1 CPU - VIA Samuel 2 @ 400MHz (6,7)

    VIA Samuel 2 is supposedly x86 chip. No guaranties thought, and the wifi card has to be a supported card.

  • Is the hardware good enough for pfsense
    Will pfsense 64 bit work on it ?

  • I believe those are 32-bit only.

  • bummer

    I thought of using it instead of the computer I have now
    And thus save space

    The device itself works but lacks all sorts of options that there are in pfsense


  • uknownme123

    Where you found the details (CPU and memory) on this router
    I tried Google but I could not find
    I try to find identical details on another router (checkpoint safe@office 1000nw) and find nothing
    Is there any repository of data with this information?

    How to make a quote in the new interface??

  • Netgate Administrator

    2.3.5_2 Nano may still run on it. It runs on the ALIX with similar specs (slightly lower in fact). You would be sevearly limited by RAM though.

    Nothing roo easy to find on the safe@office appliances but I'd bet they're ARM and hence not compatible. If you have one check the boot log at the console and see.
    Edit: Actually looks like MIPS. Equally not compatible though.


  • I have a retired Stonegate firewall (made by Lanner) from about 2005 that has very similar hardware. Via Eden 400MHz, 256 RAM, with an internal CF card. It is 32-bit only. It will run the last x86 version only and not terribly well. Barely enough CPU or RAM. It's a backup to my backup to my 64-bit VM. But it may be enough to experiment on. Open it and see if there's a CF slot. You would need a decent 4GB card to run the Nano version. Don't expect to run any packages on it, just firewall.

  • I opened the device and no cf slot

    Where you find the information on this device
    I searched Google for a week
    And I could not find ?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Can we see a photo?

  • @firefox You can Google FWF 60B, but if it doesn't have a CF slot, I doubt you would have room to install pfSense. If no one else in the forums has tried it, you're pretty much on your own. Also, just because it has a PCMCIA slot, that doesn't mean it will react as a PC might. More likely, it's proprietary to Fortinet accessories. Could be for a modem only for out-of-band management, like my old Nokia ip530 dinosaur. Maybe someone has installed DD-WRT or Tomato on one of these if you want to experiment and even then it may route and firewall, but the wireless might not be supported. I'd probably just run it as is with the latest firmware you can get from Fortinet. It would be better optimized for the lightweight hardware. As I said ealier from my own experience with similar hardware, even with the latest 32-bit pfSense, performance is pretty poor.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Info appears to be from here:

    Or here maybe:
    Though that specifically lists a 64MB CF card so perhaps this is different hardware.


  • Here's the inside of a FortiGATE 60B, possibly similar.
    (Bring your Dramamine...)

    Perhaps it has embedded 64MB flash?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Maybe. In which case there's almost no chance of running pfSense on it. Unless maybe you could boot from CF card in the PCMCIA slot. Booting from PCMCIA is not common though. Or maybe from USB.


  • @stephenw10 Be too slow anyway. On the pfSense Dashboard page, mine runs 100% CPU just displaying the graphs... Proof of concept, fine, otherwise of no real use.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah, it would be interesting for the sake of a challenge but of little practical purpose.
    Still I like a challenge. 😉


  • In connection with my question, how did you find the information about the router?
    My question was general not specific to Fortinet
    Because I was looking for information about Check Point's router about its hardware

    So I asked

    As for the fortinet, I already got the answer and also the checkpoint
    I'll wait until I get some hardware to fit

    Unable to upload image of the checkpoint router (1.5 MB)

    How to make a quote in the new interface?

  • @firefox said in [Is it possible to install pfsense on fortiwifi60b]
    [How to make a quote in the new interface?]
    On the right, where it says "Quote"... ==>

  • Netgate Administrator

    There is no single site that lists this stuff, you just have to search for likely terms.

    Anything out there someone has probably already looked into so might be listed on, for example, openwrt or dd-wrt HCLs. The openwrt forum recently crashed badly and much info was lost. 😞

    deviwiki is a good site for a lot of stuff. But in the fortigate case is was listed on their own forum.

    If the image is too large you could resize it or upload it to some image hosting site and link to that.


  • here is the image of checkpoint router

    0_1529114684652_Screenshot from 2018-06-15 16-291-15.jpg

  • Netgate Administrator

    Nothing too exciting to see there. Very unlikely you could ever get pfSense running on there. It's not x86 and probably doesn't have enough RAM to operate usefully anyway.
    If you want to experiment with it I'd look at openwrt/LEDE as a suitable target OS.


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