Need pfSense Hardware Advice for Gigabit Internet

  • Hi All,

    A few months ago, I started a thread asking advice for pfSense hardware to support a 150/150 Mbps home connection. In the end, I decided to go with the APU2C4, and I've been very happy with that decision, until now. I figured that would hold me over for the next few years at least. But, as it turns out, Fios offered me 940/880 Mbps. Very excited! However, now that I'm running gigabit internet, it seems that the APU2C4 is only capable of around 600-700 Mbps.

    So…It's time for me to build (or buy) something else that can handle the new speeds, with ease. My budget is fairly flexible, but I think if it starts getting expensive, I may opt to virtualize it instead, as I'm also really wanting to build a low-power Xeon D-15xx server for my home network and some labbing. It must also support AES-NI. But, a dedicated pfSense device may be better than running as a VM, in case I need to reboot or something.

    Perhaps the Asrock H270M-ITX/ac for dedicated?

    So advice for both systems would be greatly appreciated, as always. I'm not sure if I'm leaving anything out here.


  • @Fodmidoid:

    But, a dedicated pfSense device may be better than running as a VM, in case I need to reboot or something.

    Depends on your priorities I suppose.  I'd expect to need to reboot pfSense itself (just for upgrades) far more often than the hypervisor, but if you have a family or household that is exceptionally sensitive, I can concede the point.  If you're going to buy or build a VM host anyway, might try it that way first and if it seems like more trouble than it's worth, then look at a dedicated build.  Either way, I envy your position.

  • Kind of hard to beat the deal on a gen9 HP ML10 at tigerdirect. Add another NIC and an SSD and you're in business.

  • I bought one with the i3-6100 CPU 3.7 Ghz CPU and it has a 380W 80+ bronze psu which idles at 18-19W with an Intel i340-T4 quad installed. PfSense works great once you figure out how to use the enterprise level bios. DisplayPort only no HDMI. It is fast compared to my other pfSense kaby lake G4560T box. Definitely worth it ($190) for a pfSense build. A downside, supplied with a 4Gb DDR4 ECC udimm which is expensive.

  • Thank you, so far, for the replies.

    Does anyone else have any advice on hardware to support gigabit Internet?


  • I have several of these deployed and they get about 980 mbit on WAN

    A1SRi-2758F SuperMicro

    Your status does say newbie so depending on your purpose for hardware …..for a company I suggest looking at pfSense (Purpose built) hardware....

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