CPU usage high but no process that´s hogging up, just 0.0% idle

  • I guess the case is that it´s low cpu just want to make sure that´s the case:)

    it´s a p3 933mhz with 512mb ram and running pfsense 1.2

    when running torrent with dl ~4-5mB/sec i get this high load avarege and ~0-10&idle
    thought 933mhz would be enuf for this but i guess it´s not.

    Does that meen it´s the system itself that requires all the system resourses and that i need faster cpu?

    here is a snap from "top"
    last pid:  8240;  load averages: 12.53,  9.27,  5.03                                                       up 15+12:33:52  07:58:25
    54 processes:  9 running, 43 sleeping, 2 zombie
    CPU states:  1.0% user,  1.0% nice,  4.9% system, 93.1% interrupt,  0.0% idle
    Mem: 91M Active, 12M Inact, 58M Wired, 58M Buf, 332M Free
    Swap: 1024M Total, 1024M Free

    EDIT1: roughly 1500states

    CPU usage is so high that i loose connection with ssh(from external place) and regaining access when dl is complete



  • I would suggest upgrading to 1.2.1. Probably something wrong or nics are generating to much interrupts.

  • The 93.1% interrupt time suggests your system is overloaded. Interrupt sharing could contribute some of that.

  • YEs, too much interruption requests. Checks your NICs.

  • Whats the output from shell command vmstat -i

    That will help identify whats contributing to the interrupt load.

  • Hello,

    As other members say, your cpu hogged by way too many interrupts coming in/out, looks like for every single packet. As far as there's no hardware issues around, then it's time that you definitely need to consider swapping a nic which has polling capability, or enable polling for the device if already have those. I dunno if 1.2 gui allows you configure polling then use shell. Moving to 1.2.1/1.3 is also a good idea.


  • tnx for the answers
    i now have moved to 1.2.1 (nice with vlan working on 1.2.1)
    side note, on install i noticed it was a 733mhz and not 933

    I was able to dl much faster and the box did´t disconnect me eather
    Numbers from "top" was roughly the same..maby a bit lower but twice the speed(9mB/sec) on download

    So i guess that it is the cind of performance you can get from the hw i have now.


  • I second the suggestion you try polling. It will probably help squeeze a bit more out of your machine.

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