Dual WAN setup reducing bandwidth on slowest connection

  • Hi all,

    I have a pfSense box with a dual WAN setup. Both WANS are ADSL from the same ISP and both have static IPs.

    Here is a simple diag. of my setup.

    WAN                WAN2
                            (4/1Mbit ADSL)  (OPT1 8/2Mbit ADSL)
                                  |                  |
                                   \                 /
                                    \               /        
                                  DMZ           LAN

    The different networks are:

    WAN - gw
    WAN2  - gw

    When I set up a load balance gateway (using the respective WAN gateways as monitors) and use it in the "catch all" firewall rule for the LAN, overall bandwidth is less than would be expected for the combined setup.
    Outbound DMZ traffic has firewall rules to exclusively use the WAN2 gateway.
    If I set up a firewall rule for my own PC to exclusively use the slower WAN as gateway, I can see that bandwidth is severely degraded even though there is very little competing traffic on this link (speed down to approx 600-900Kbit in stead of 3.5-4Mbit).

    If I use a setup without dual WANs and connect to each WAN respectively I am getting close to full bandwidth on both.

    I am fairly new to pfSense so I need help trying to troubleshoot this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  • try to set up the one monitor ip for both for example your dns if u are using the same provider for both WAN`s

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