Replacing router using Pfsense and 2 NICs

  • We have a setup like so:

    Modem ->Pfsense WAN (NIC0)–>LAN(NIC1)-->internal switch hardware

    Essentially, I want to pass WAN traffic to a different NIC that handles the LAN routing.  I set this up and I can get traffic out to the world and browse webpages and such, but we have a VPN and it can't get in.  I set up the NAT forwarding rules that we had on our old router as close as I could, but for some reason I just couldn't get anything working.  I'm sure it's something small that I'm missing.

  • If the modem already does NAT you will have a private IP address on WAN. If so, you have to uncheck "Block private networks" in the WAN interface settings to permit incoming connections.

    Also consider that you need to set a firewall rule to allow incoming traffic as well. This may also be done in the NAT rule by the "rule association" option.

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