Upgrade PfSense 2.2.3 ->2.3.4

  • Hello PfSense Board,

    we use our currect PfSense 2.2.3 since a while and it's running since month. Now it's time to do an upgrade for security, functions,Gui reasons etc.

    It will take a long time to upgrade each Version step by step up to the latest 2.3.4.

    The changelog is quite long and we had some issus during Upgrades i.e. the dns forwarder package has changed to the dns resolver package.

    Our PfSense is running in a VM Cluster. The upgrade will be done in a safe VM Replication and tested before we went to the productive. So, no risk at any time.

    Can somebody share his professionall expirience, what we should consider during upgrade? Had some packages changed? i.e. Captive Portal, BGB, DNS. Is it possible to upgrade in one step to the latest?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can upgrade in one step. Look over the release notes and upgrade guide, but if you're in a VM then the risk is minimal.

    1. Take a config backup
    2. Snapshot the VM
    3. Remove ALL packages
    4. Upgrade to the current version
    5. Add packages back
    6. Snapshot the VM again
    7. Take another config backup

    Changes to things in the base system are handled automatically by upgrade code. You shouldn't have to worry about much of anything related to Captive Portal or DNS coming from 2.2.x. Maybe you might have to add a zone parameter if you have custom captive portal html but there are plenty of references around to check that.

    If you had the DNS Forwarder active before, it will still be active on the current version. That didn't change for upgrades, the default changed for new users. (And it changed for 2.2, not 2.3, so you're already past that).

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