Thomson TG585 + Pfsense Home Setup

  • Hello Everyone

    I hope i'm posting this in the correct category and if not please excuse me  :)
    I have a Thomson TG585 and i decided to install pfsense in a Zotac Zbox Id18 (1 onboard gigabit NIC + usb gigabit ethernet ) in order to finally add security to my home lan and also play around a bit


    Thomson Gateway port 1 (no WAN only 4 LAN ethernet) cable to WAN (onboard NIC)
    LAN (usb ethernet) cable to switch where i have all my devices connected

    The WAN interface gets a ip from the DHCP of the thomson router. The gateway to internet from thomson GW is
    The Lan interface has a static assignment and a DHCP enabled for the rest of the devices in the local network

    Out of the box this setup works like a charm and i have internet!I will continue checking the above configuration cause after the installation both wireless and wired network is slower than normal but i'm not sure yet

    Question 1: Is the above setup correct? Any advice will be very helpful

    Question 2: Does it matter which NIC is dedicated in WAN/LAN in the pfsense Hardware? Is it better to assign LAN to the onboard maybe?

    Question 3: Even though my wan and lan are both managed by the pfsense, the Wireless is still managed by the thomson router. And i don't know if i should add it "behind" the pfsense or leave it like this and keep the wireless isolated..

    Thanks in advance for the time and patience

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