Using pfSense's web server

  • I want to move my pxe/tftp server from FreeNAS to pfsense. I know how to set it up to boot certain utilities from the network, but one problem is how do I set up pfSense's web server to be able to handle requests for files from pfSense?

    For example I've set up Clonezilla to request a file from the pxe server like so:-


    How do I configure pfSense's web server to handle a similar request?


    Not sure which web server pfSense uses - I think it's nginx but I can't figure out how to configure it to service such requests..

    Any advice appreciated.

  • This is an incredibly bad idea. pfSense is a firewall not a web/file server.

  • It is a web server because it provides a nice GUI interface for administration using a web server…. nginx as far as I can tell...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It may contain a web server to provide pages for the GUI but that does not make it a general-purpose web server, nor does it mean it's a good idea to use it as such.

  • I accept that it may not be a good idea, but if I really wanted to be able serve just a single file to my internal network via http, where should I copy it?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Ok, if you insist, and will assume the liability  :)

    "Put it" at "/usr/local/www"  (or in a "new directory/folder"  /usr/local/www/XXXX )

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