Static back route

  • Hi
    Who can help,
    I have a L3 switch (2930f) - 2 Vlan's - VLAN1 - VLAN100.
    VLAN1 : (switch ip
    VLAN 100 : (switch ip
    All through 1 port from switch.
    I can ping to both network
    pfsense LAN has
    So I can go on internet from 200 network.
    PC1 gateway
    PC2 gateway
    From the network 201 it isn't work.
    What can I do?
    Some say a static back route but how?
    First gateway? I don't see how (network - addresses ?)
    Then route (to - from?)
    Possible rules? (talk or not talk to each)

    Please who can help me?



  • Solved

    I made an extra vlan with rules and everything is ok


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