500 - Internal Server Error - Automatic Upgrade 2.2.4 to 2.3.4

  • I have just set off an automatic update for our pfsense since it had not been in updated in a long time and it said it was upgrading pfsense but when i refreshed the page I keep getting errors such as 500 - internal Server Error
    and 503 - Service Not Available

    Is this normal? Or is it just broken on me?

  • Also it has taken around 30 minutes so far and it still hasnt restarted

  • Probably better to try the upgrade from ssh/console with option 13)

    As for refreshing the website while its 'bussy' with a upgrade used to be a source of problems. Anyhow the website sometimes looses 'sync' with the upgrade process, and starting it a second time while its running can still make a big mess.. Ive seen some people mention upgrades taking over an hour to complete… But please do checkout the console and check if its 'busy' with top. If your confident its nolonger busy try the upgrade again from console..

    p.s. box has enough memory? like >=1GB or something?

    Getting te webgui to respond again 'might' also be fixed on ssh/console with options 11)webgui restart and or 16)php-fpm.

  • That is great I will look into doing that. The box virtual so we were able to revert back to a snapshot as I wasn't sure what was causing the issue and it has 2GB allocated to it. I will attempt it through the console.

    Thanks for the input

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