Traffic shaper and limiters

  • Hey Guys,

    So I am have currently 60/4 and if I ever go above 4 during peak time, I start getting packet loss. Outside of peak time, I can almost 5megs upload without issues. Anyway, I setup my traffic shaper to be 55/3.5 and it was working until I started to twitch stream.

    Seeing how I have low a small amount of upload already and using 2-2.5mbs for the twitch stream, I am left with 1.5 for the network. Usually I'm streaming after work and thats when my SO and my roommate are home. Usually the network is quiet and its just a bunch of downloads but sometimes when they upload photos to facebook, instagram, etc, I'll see dips in my network traffic and Twitch will mark the stream unstable and then itll return back to normal.

    To counter this issue, I set up limiters per device so this wouldnt happen. So far its been working good but not the best. I still get random dips in my stream traffic. I finally googled this enough that I found people saying "traffic shaping in pfsense 2.2 is broken use CODELQ".

    I am here to see if CODELQ would solve my issues since it manages traffic better then HFSC from what Im reading or would do the following without a traffic shaper resolve my issues?

    Thanks for your time!

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