Multi Wan but one wan on lan

  • Hello, here's my issue.

    I've got a pfense server with  4 NIC : 3 WAN (192.168.1.*  192.168.10.*  192.168.11.) and one LAN (192.168.3.)

    I've got rules to route the traffic depending on several things.

    I've got now a 4th WAN access. But 2 problems

    • first of all i dont have 5 NIC on server so i cannot plug it physically to the pfsense server
    • this new "WAN4" access is not physically close to the pfsense server. But i can plug it into my Lan with a static LAN adress 192.168.3.xx

    Is there any solutions so that i can configure this WAN4 access in pfsense but physically in my LAN ?

    • declare this WAN4  as a gateway ?
    • use a vlan ? (this wan4 is plugged to an managed switch)
    • other solution ?

    Thanks in advance ?


  • Vlan managed switch

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