Unable to connect to internet in bridge mode to TPG FTTN

  • Hi

    I've got this small problem that pissing me off at the moment i can connect the TPG FTTN via making a connection from the modem (TP-Link TDW9970) all ok no problems good speed and connection all the time no drop outs and when i put it into the bridge mode using vlan 2 on all connections i can get a connection to the computer win7 and 10 but when i put it to pfsense i get nothing ive put the log here could someone please help

  • TP-Link TDW9970

    It´s not a modem, its a router doing SPI/NAT! So you can walk now two different ways to solve it out.
    1. Let the router being a router and do the following;

    • Turn out the DHCP server at the TP-Link
    • set on the pfSense firewall at the WAN a static IP address from the local net of the TP-Link let us say
      and set up as the DNS server the IP address of the TP-Link router let us imagine that is
    • turn on the DHCP Server on the pfSense firewall and then set up the LAN part on the pfSense firewall

    2. Set the router into the "bridge mode" acting as a pure modem

    • Set up the WAN at the pfSense firewall as DHCP and PPPoE if needed
    • Set up at the pfSense firewall the ISPs DNS server the one from Google
    • Set up the LAN part on pfSense and turn on the DHCP server there if needed or wanted

  • TPG fttn requires vlans and a higher mtu than standard - its fiddly.

    Check out the guide at https://store.bytefoundry.com.au/blogs/guides/fttn-nbn-with-pfsense

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