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  • Hello Every1, I am a member of this forum. I am very excited to be a part of this forum. I am hoping to get help from you guys and share my expertise also.

    Scenario: Internally, there are three networks (A, B, and C) with computers and a router (Router A, B, and C respectively) serving that LAN network. The organization has a central router (Router X) with an internal network connecting internal routers A, B, and C as well as providing a connection to the external world network.

    Question: I have to select an IP address for the overall company. I am trying to draw a network diagram here that can help to solve this issue.
                                                                 network A           subnet 1
                                                PC1                           PC2                               PC3
                                                  |                               |                                   |
            PC4 -------|                                                     |
                            |                                                  Router A
                            |                                                       |
    network C          |----------------Router C----------------------------------Router X----------> To External Network                    
    subnet 3            |                                                                  |                                            (Ignore)
                            |                                                             Router B
            PC5--------|                                                                  |
                                                  |                           |                                |                        |
                                                PC6                        PC7                             PC8                    PC9
                                                                                   network B, subnet 2

  • The most important information is missing from your post:
    How many hosts will there be in each subnet / in total?

    And what do you mean by this:

    Question: I have to select an IP address for the overall company.

    The one external IP for your "router x"
    Public or private subnet ranges for your subnets

    BTW, how is this related to pfSense?
    And your post would be better suited in the "General Discussion" forum than here at "Routing and Multi WAN" ...

  • First of all I wanna thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate it very much You asked about the number of hosts on each subnet (PC represents the hosts in each subnet.
    As far as I know that you can connect two routers directly to each other but I am still confused with the figure.

    Mr. Chris I am very sorry for the wrong posting I'll make sure next time to choose the right blog.


  • Of course you can connect routers that way.
    In your scenario it could be much easier with one centralized pfSense and 4 NICs.

    Where in your picture is the pfSense and which subnet do you need to figure out?

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