Simple plain-text output of WAN IP?

  • I'm using a dynamic dns system not supported by pfSense.  I am using a Windows service (called DNSer) on a machine behind the firewall to update the IP.

    Is there an easy way to pull the WAN IP off of pfSense?  The app I have attempts to parse the page, search for a string I supply, and then take the first text after said string, but it doesn't work very well due to the complexity of the pfSense pages.  Are there any hidden URLs that simply spit out basic info (including WAN IP) in plain text or some form that is easy to read?  Even better would be a URL that just gives me the WAN IP.

    I know all about / /, etc.  I'd rather not rely on an outside service as I'd like to poll it fairly frequently so my hostname is updated quickly.

  • Does DNSer support the same method of updating the IP as DynDNS does?
    (DynDNS update is just a http call to url…)

    You could then have your pfSense box to do all the work of monitoring and updating the IP by using this solution by Perry:,9729.0.html

    Of course needs some modifications.

    Hope this helps.

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