How to configure gateway for multiwan configuration on different public ip pool

  • Hello,

    Recently we changed service provider. our previous provider used to gave us public IP's in one gateway but the new isp has given public IP pool with different gateway and main static ip in different gateway. see below example ip ranges given by them.

    I am confused on how i could setup following configuration. ( IP's numbers are changed for security reasons )


    IP -
    Sub net -
    Gateway -

    Public IP Pool -
    Network -
    Gateway -
    Broadcast -
    Usable - -

    Can anyone tell me how do i configure them in PFSENSE 2.3.3? Right now we are using gateway directly for one ip only as IP -
    Sub net -  Gateway - (static ip ) and that works but i am not able to configure public ip pool as i don't know how could i setup it in gateway.

    ISP is providing us lease line and it directly goes into wan interface of pfsense there is no router involved here.

    Thanks for your help :)

  • I am not sure this is the correct answer but I would test:

    Define a DMZ with the public pool.
    Add a gateway with in pfsense
    in the rules allowing outbound traffic from the DMZ select in the advance option the gateway you have defined above.

    It should work but it might not be the best answer.

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