Editing core files

  • How should one build a package to update files that are actually a part of pfsense, for instance, some of the core php files, contained in /usr/local/www?  Should I make diffs, and submit them to the coreteam for addition to the cvs, or should I make a package that overwrites the files I want to change or what?

  • Depends on what kind of changes that you are speaking of.  Can you be more specific?

  • as requested in a current bounty, i'd like to add an option on the system settings page to use pings to determine online status of dhcp leases, and add the code to actually do it…unless the core team thinks it would be better to set that option on a per lease basis, i can do that too. Either way, gotta edit core files.

  • Is this just something that's not supposed to happen?

  • You are considering writing a custom daemon for this?  What are you trying to accomplish?

  • I don't need to write a custom daemon, just change the command that's run to determine status of a dhcp lease, as requested in http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,12012.0.html.  I didn't even realize it was an issue until I got a managed switch, now I'm experiencing the same thing, devices that don't connect often drop out of the arp tables, therefore show up as offline.  I've got the code written and everything, I just want to know how to submit the edits!  :)

  • Yes arp entries will drop in ~5mins if no traffic comes from them.
    I think you can create a package to just do this customization since to me since like not necessary feature to add in the base system.
    (personal opinion though)

  • I agree with Ermal.  What would be a better inclusion for the base code is to allow the default ARP setting to be changed from 5 minutes to something else.

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