Dual Wan with Dynamic IP Bridged Cable Modems

  • After reading the forums, I'm not sure if this is possible or not in bridged mode.  Some posts say they have to be behind a router, and others say they have got it working without the router.  When I tried to set it up without a router, I could only get one of the WAN speeds at the time.  Is it possible?  I just want to combine the bandwidth for the two connections.  I think my problem is in the firewall rules, but I have tried ever combination of rules I can think of with out sucess.

  • http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,7001.0.html

    MultiWAN balances multiple connections.
    It doesnt sum up the bandwith for a single connection.

  • My communiction skills through writing are terrible, I appologize for my lack of clarity.

    I have two cable modems, each on a separate nic; WAN & OTH1 respectivley.  They both are bridged giving each interface an public dynamic ip address (with different gateways).  After reading the MultiWan1.2 tutorial it is not clear that it is even possible with two dynamic ip's to load balance these connections since they are both dynamic.

    My question, in a nutshell, is: Can you setup Dual Wan using two cable modems in bridge mode, and balance the load of both connections, combining the bandwith of both?

    I hope that is clearer.

  • Yes this should be possible.

    Even if your IP is dynamic, the gateway should stay static.

    When you create a balancing pool, you enter this static gateway.
    Then you use the balancing pool in the firewallrule on the interface you want to balance.

    The two WAN's have to be in separate subnets
    –> not able to have the same gateway on both interfaces.

    If you have such a case you need another cheap router in front of one of the two interfaces which NAT's so it seems for pfSense as if you have a different iprange in front of one of the WANs.

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