• I am not sure If I am in right place.

    We need to make a LAN to LAN VPN from our network (Pfsense Firewall) with another network which is using Cisco ASA firewall.

    I tried to create a IPSec tunnel but I am not sure if I am doing right.

    Remote side's Network administrator sent me this info below.

    Our NAT over the VPN will always be seen as Public IP (this would be the remote SA).

    We are asking you to NAT/PAT any of the traffic traversing the VPN. The NAT range selected by your network team is /29 (this would be the local SA).

    We suggest using as a general NAT for any traffic initiated from your site to the address.

    Phase 1 of the VPN will utilize AES256-SHA1-HMAC (group 5) Phase 2 of the VPN will utilize AES-256-SHA1 (group 5) MAIN mode should be utilized.

    Could you please help me with this issue?


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