[possible BUG][1.0Beta4] Configure console options missing…

  • Hya :),
    When I use the LiveCD on a PC it boots up with pfS and then in the console there is option 99 for pfsense harddrive install.
    Today I did that and one of the things that I noticed was the "Configure console" options were missing  ???

    configure console
    		change video font
    		change screenmap
    		change keymap

    This menu I still can see but the options inside don't show up.
    I would swear that they were present on pfS previous Betas.
    No way to choose pt_PT keyboard and stuff.
    Is this a bug or…an undocumented feature ;D.

  • It was removed, it didnt work correctly.

  • Aaah, I see.
    Thanks for the tip ;)

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