What is…going on for the snapshot server?

  • Hi

    I was going to grab some new snaps from the usual place http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD7/RELENG_1/, just noticed that there seems to be some constructions going on the server :'( There are only two directories and I don't see any thing other than _updaters(latest.tgz) and old(till 10/18) archives.

    Do you have any ideas when the server back to normal or as it used to be, bunch of ISO/IMG's and full/embedded updates. I hope I'm just seeing the server while it is in the middle of reconstruction/moving…


  • The snapshot builder is a bit confused about the naming changes.

    The updater file does point to the latest built file. So if using the autoupdater from the menu it should work.

    Please bear with us.

  • Hello,

    Thanks, it's coming back now :D 
    BTW, can you tell new naming convention? The update files are now have "7" where it used to be release name such as 1.3-AA or 1.2.1-RC. Is that coming from version of base OS? Just guessing cos both are built upon FBSD-7.


  • Yeah the "7" as the version won't stay, we'll explain everything once the changes are finished.

  • Hi,

    Thank you cmb, it's now very clear ;)


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