Load Balancing slower speed

  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to do some load balancing, but instead of getting faster download/upload rates, mine are getting much slower.

    This is my current setup:

    1. I have a 15mb link on WAN1 (which is currently holding an IPSec tunnel to our DC). This link comes from a router that is only connected to my pfsense box on WAN1;
    2. I have a 10mb link on WAN2 (which is not holding any IPSec tunnels). This link comes from a second router that is also only connected to my pfsense box on WAN2;
    3. I have configured the load balancing as many tutorials do - gateway group with both links at the same tier (1), one dns per gateway, firewall rule, etc. etc.

    The issues: I should be getting around 15+10=25mb but, instead, when I run speed tests my link is pulling the equivalent of a 2mb link. I tried disabling WAN1, but I lose internet connection for some reason. BTW, I pulled WAN1's cable and both links went offline. I, then, disabled WAN2 and enabled WAN1, and my link's speed got lower, to 1mb. I enabled both links again and changed the gateway group tiers to WAN1=2 and WAN2=1 and my link went up to 5mb (half of WAN2).

    The good: when I test my ip address, I get WAN2's ip address; but if I ping my VPN's lan (WAN1), I get through, which means that pfSense is connecting me to the internet through WAN2 and is pointing correctly the VPN tunnel on WAN1.

    Now why is my connection getting slower? Should it have anything to do with my modems being routed? Any ideas?


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