Intel pro/1000 dual nic temperature.

  • How hot is it normal for these things to run?
    I do not think i'm exaggerating when i say that mine is around 70/80c. When i touch the heatsink it is damn hot, almost feels like it'll actually burn my finger. Everything is running smoothly tho.

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    If it was really running at 70-80C on the heatsink there would be no almost about it, you would burn your finger! If you can hold your finger against it at all it's probably more like 50C which is still very hot and the actual die temp will be above that of course. Try to get a real temperature reading though before worrying too much.

    You have decent air flow in the case?


  • Well, then i was exaggerating because i can hold my finger on it while it is very hot. What i've done is mount a heatsink on it that's roughtly twice the size using a 0.5mm heatpad. Stille gets very hot but seems slightly better.
    I do not have good airflow in the case. I replaced the psu fan with a slim 80mm fan that has 3 pins and is controlled from the mobo, it's running ~1100 rpm, but it's the only fan in the case.

  • They do tend to get rather hot. Some cards are designed for forced air like in 19" rack mount setups with cold corridors.

  • So, you're saying i really should get some air on it, or that i'm ok as is ?
    I can say the router has been running for ~3 week now without any problems. So there's that. Maybe i should look on ebay for a 30mm fan i could screw on top of the heatsink.

  • Also check with ARK. I', not sure what PRO/1000 you have, but you can usually figure out what chips it's using. The Intel 82571EB chip (found on a few PRO/1000 PT dual port cards) is rated from 0 to 55 degrees celsius. (i.e. go to and there you'll find the controller for that card, click the controller link and you'll find the temperature rating).

    Some PCIe network cards have sensors that you can read, but I'm not sure how to do what with FreeBSD or what cards support it. T310i ethernet cars under linux show temperatures with lm-sensors, pfSense/FreeBSD may need something else.

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