WAN <-> LAN + OPT1

  • So I'm having an issue getting this to work. At this point I have lan working because it did right out of the box.    From opt1 subnet I can reached pfsense but not hit the internet nore can i hit the lan subnet from opt.  I can get lan to opt1 tho. I have added firewall rules for pass any to any on both interfaces.  What gives.

  • As a note on packet capture(from pfsense) I can see the request and the reply on the lan interface

  • i had same problems starting with pfsense

    there is something with the Firewall Rules and WAN net
    WAN net is the subnet between pfsense and Router and not "the internet"

    So the rule "any from LAN net to WAN net" does not give you internet access but "LAN net to any" does.
    you can setup an alias for internet or do it like i do:
    On interface LAN
    block LAN -> OPT
    allow LAN -> any
    On interface OPT
    block OPT -> LAN
    allow LAN -> any

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