[solved] need some help, openwrt behind a pfsense router

  • Hello,

    I got some trouble figuring this problem out.

    So far i think i did everything right both web guis are visible behind each others subnet but for some reason i don't have internet.

    I connected my modems internet cable to the wan port of my pfsense box i also made sure that pfsense was configurated to work as a WAN server via the menu which you get when being logged in via ssh.

    Then i took another internet cable which i just connected to the other LAN port from there i connected it to the WAN port of my openWRT/LEDE router.

    Both guis are visible but no internet.

    The strange part is that i cannot ping or resolve any host as client but when i login on my pfsense box via the web gui i'm able to ping from WAN to google, but when i ping from LAN to google the ip address gets resolved but the packets are not being delivered.

    I made a flowchart with more information how my network would look like:

    What i'm missing?  ???


    nvm I got it solved, either way I made the fault by using option 2 inside the ssh option menu and then by choosing lan I made that one WAN, this time I just kept it as lan I also reinstalled pfsense because the updates were broken this fixed alot of issues.

    thanks for reading and taking the time and effort.

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