What hardware path should I go?

  • Hello all, I need your help. I'm quite the novice when it comes to pfsense and I'm looking to step-up my network game. I have many wants and don't know the best route.

    Attached is my current setup held together within a lack rack. My Pfsense box is a non-efficient Core2 Duo - E4400 with 2GB of ram, a mushkin 120gb ssd and a quad pro 1000 nic. I have a cyberpower PDU a dell powerconnect 2824 switch, a netgear wireless n router in AP mode. and a cyberpower 1500pfclcd ups im pretty sure this is the one with true sinewave.  It works pretty well, my two big complaints is that sometimes youtube videos take a moment to start and buffer and it uses a noticeable amount of energy.

    my current internet connection is a Charter 60/5 but i'm moving to an xfinity 150/20 very soon and then will be switching to gigabit as it is coming to my new address in the near future. My main reason to wanting a new box was to get it in a rackmount case and get a lower power using system. but after comparing many of the affordable offerings that run 15 watts or lower to the e4400 the e4400 on paper says it performs better. So I hadn't jumped the gun on any yet. then i got to thinking about all of my wants and saw some others virtualizing…

    here are my wants:
    -pfsense rackmounted that can handle 1gigabit wan speeds, using the basic packages for home use and squid(i haven't figured it out yet) I have several systems that go through all the games and updating
        and would love to see those get cached. I dont have a need for vpn but wouldn't mind messing around with it later down the road.
    -a Freenas system
    -steamcache server
    -Plex maybe piggybacked off of the freenas system with many other cable cutting services.
    -and maybe a voip phone system.
    -and get a true WAP that I can poe, was thinking the Ubiquiti Networks Unifi ac pro
    -10Gb internal connections would be awesome, or at the very least for the backbone.
    -lastly and leastly the potential to use it for a lan party router

    If my goal was power usage after i were to have all of this set up. should i just build a beefier system and have it control all of these or get a couple power efficient servers? atm my budget for this would be about $500 but could maybe change after i got to doing it and got excited.

    Any recommendations are appreciated and maybe some directions on getting some of this setup the best way too.

    Thanks a bunch,

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