Data Corruption

  • For a while now, Pfsense has been quite buggy for me.

    Lastest stable build, no UPNP, no WAN managment enabled.

    Have an old Hard Drive ~2000 on hours 5 years old.  2 Bad sectors, and no noted data corruption in the smart results.

    So I am wondering if Pfsense uses the bad sectors and messes up its config?

    Or considering that my HDD is so old, is there any software options to prevent data corruption?

    I dont have an SSD, so that wouldn't really be an option.

    I have tried a ram disk before, but all of the config files get deleted appon reboot.

    A flash drive is an option though.  I would like to know how to use the usb as the boot drive, and the HDD as the log storage drive.

  • I would recommend going for a HDD, i use it and also does not create issue when re-booting.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It will only be as stable as the hardware you choose to use. If you choose to use an HDD with known problems, you can only expect it to be unstable. You only know about the problems reported by tests, not other physical problems the drive may have.

    Buy a new drive. Either HDD or SSD, whatever is in your budget. SSD is better, but more expensive, though since you don't need much for a firewall, you might find a small one (32GB, for example) for cheap.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    ^ you can get SSD for very reasonable prices these days.  For you firewall even something a small as 8GB would be more than enough.  I see some small ones 8/16GB for under 20$ on amazon.

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